Compare OEM Windshield, OES & Aftermarket Windshield

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OEM and Aftermarket Glass

When going for a windshield replacement the most important thing is the quality of windshield. Some of us think that all windshield are same and adopt for an inferior one to save some money. The quality of windshield can prove to be a question of life and death in case of a mishap.

It is noteworthy that car manufacturers don’t manufacture these windshield. They only procure these from automotive glass manufacturers like Saint-Gobain,  Pilkington, AGC Automotive, Guardian, Ashai as per strict specifications. So it becomes more important to understand which windshield is suitable for your car.

Always go for an OE glass, its a matter of safety for your family

As far as glass quality is concerned two types of glasses are generally available in market. OEM Glass (Original Equipment Manufacturers) , OES (Original Equipment Suppliers) and AGR ( Aftermarket Glass Replacement)

  1. OEM : These are the windshields supplied by Original Equipment Manufacturers as per the specification of car manufacturers. These includes Thickness of glass, Quality Standard, Colour, all Hardware and Durability. These windshields are identical to the original windshield which was fitted to your car at the time of purchase. Though some times the windshield manufacturer as this work is subcontracted, the auto manufacturer continually accepts bids from different glass makers. Often they will switch glass manufacturers when a lower bid is received, resulting in identical vehicles having glass that is technically manufactured by different companies. Mercedes Genuine OEM Windshield
  2. OES : OES windshields are identical to OEM windshields and are manufactured by the same manufacturers the only difference is the car brand logo. OES windshield don’t have any car brand logo as in OEM which are only supplied to car manufacturers and are available through Authorized Dealers.
  3. AGR : Aftermarket Replacement Glasses are manufactured by other manufacturers than OE suppliers. These need not have any contract with car manufacturer. AGR windshields are not identical to OE parts due to copyright and IPR issues. These have same shape and size but have difference in Colour tint, Durability and others.

Like most things, the decision may come down to money. Insurance companies may only cover aftermarket glass, because it is less expensive. This leaves the car owner to decide whether they want to pay extra for an OEM windshield. Many aftermarket windshields work out very well for the consumer, but those not willing to take a risk on slightly lower quality will often choose to invest in an OEM windshield.