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6 factors that affect the cost of a Mercedes windshield replacement

Windshield cracks are a normal phenomenon one has to face while driving a car. It cost you your time and money to get a new Mercedes windshield replacement. If you own a Mercedes, it going to cost very much higher than a normal Indian car. But what are the factors which decide your windshield cost and how should you select a windshield for your Mercedes car?










Windshield Installation

Time and again Mercedes has made it clear that if you need a new windshield you should always go to a trusted automotive glass expert. Mercedes is an embodiment of safety and elegance. Your Mercedes pre-safe systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems keep you safe through a series of sensors and cameras placed all over the car body including windscreen. Hence it is very important that your car glass service provider knows about these systems and is experienced enough to handle a Mercedes windshield replacement.

Below are the factors that decide how much your windshield will cost:


  1. Model of your car
  2. Glass Brand
  3. Automotive Adhesive Quality
  4. ADAS Calibration
  5. Insurance Policy
  6. Choice of your garage

Model of your car

The price of your new windshield depends upon the model of your car. A Mercedes A180 windshield is lower in price compared to a Mercedes E class windshield or a Mercedes S Class windshield. This is because of the complexities of the windscreen itself. The number of sensors available on the windshield and the type of windshield PVB used in your car model.























An A180 windshield typically has 1 Rain/Light sensor while an S350 windscreen has both Rain/Light Sensor, IR camera, Lane Departure Warning, Lane-keeping system on its windshield. So the price of the S-class windshield is higher than an A-class windshield.























Comparison table for Mercedes windshield price based on model and ADAS sensors























Model Description OE Price
A-Class (W176) Rain/Light Sensor ₹ 33450
B Class (W246) Rain/Light Sensor ₹ 39890
C Class (W204) Rain/Light Sensor ₹ 44523
E Class (W212) Rain/Light Sensor +
₹ 79468
S Class (W222) Rain/Light Sensor +
Camera + Lane Departure +
Clear Coated w/s
₹ 142382























Glass Brand























Mercedes OEM Windshield























Your Mercedes windshield price also varies based on the brand of the glass your garage offers. Mercedes in the USA back in 2017 has issued a six-page statement of why it refers only to Mercedes-Benz OE parts. Below is an excerpt from this statement























“To promote and maintain its rigorous standards of quality and safety, if a collision repair is necessary, MBUSA strongly recommends that all repairs be performed by a certified technician using only genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts,”.























It is because genuine or OE Mercedes windshield has all necessary child parts and rubber moldings that come with the windscreen when you buy a new car. An aftermarket replacement part may have child parts, but it is not guaranteed that these are of exact same specifications as Genuine Mercedes Parts. That’s why genuine Mercedes parts are costlier than their aftermarket counterparts.























To know more about the difference between an OE and Aftermarket parts read here.























Below is a price comparison table for the OE Mercedes windshield and its aftermarket equivalents in India.























Model Mercedes OE Saint Gobain AIS Benson
C Class (W204) ₹ 48480 ₹ 32200 ₹ 17250 ₹ 9200
E Class (W212) ₹ 79468 ₹ 40250 NA ₹ 11500
S Class (W222) ₹ 142382 NA NA ₹ 21240
M Class (W166) ₹ 79246 NA NA ₹ 11564























Automotive Adhesive Quality














































Windshield adhesive or polyurethane that is used to bond your windshield with the car body is another deciding factor that can affect windshield replacement prices. If you have selected an OE Mercedes windshield but didn’t care for the kind of adhesive used by the garage, it can become a compromise with your own safety. The price of the adhesives varies with the brand you use. Your car turn-around-time also depends upon the quality of adhesive used. Commonly used glass adhesives are shown in the below table with the market price.























Make of Adhesive / Polyurethane Price
Norton (Saint-Gobain) ₹ 1284
Titan (Sika) ₹ 848
Beta seal (AIS) ₹ 525
PU Star (Chinese) ₹ 480























ADAS Calibration














































 Based on your Mercedes model and the ADAS installed in your car, windshield calibration cost can vary from ₹ 3500 – ₹ 8000. Windshield calibration adjusts your car camera and sensors to the manufacturers’ standard and hence keeps the car safety system intact. We strongly advise you to have a calibration after any windshield replacement.























Know more about windshield calibration here.























Insurance Policy























The price of your Mercedes windshield replacement also depends on your insurance policy. All major Indian insurance company covers 100% glass replacement and its associated cost. If you have a comprehensive insurance policy your windshield replacement cost will be ₹ 2000 only, in case you have a non-comprehensive cover than also your windshield and labor cost is 100% covered but you need to pay 50% cost of consumables. To claim your losses, you need to have valid documents, a list of documents required for the insurance claim is given here. Auto Glass Masters have cashless tie-ups with all major insurance companies and can process your claim efficiently.























Choice of garage























As Mercedes explains in its statement that to have a flowless windshield replacement, you should always choose a certified and experienced technician. So, the cost of windshield replacement depends upon the garage you choose. It is also necessary that you choose a service provider like Auto Glass Masters, which specializes in luxury car glass replacement and carries an inventory of genuine windscreens for all running Mercedes models. It reduces the time for which your car needs to be in a garage. Ideally, we can replace a Mercedes windshield in an hour, but in case you have opt for a cashless insurance claim the turn-around-time is about 4 hours. For more information regarding your Mercedes car glass, you can call us at +91-9278783578.












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