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Acoustic Windshield – New chapter in Automotive Industry

Car Designers are working hard to make your driving more and more pleasant. In this quest engineers are working hard to keep the noise level minimal in the passenger cabin and make it more sound proof . Through years of testing engineers find that car windshield is a major source of sound transmission inside passenger compartment. It leads engineers to a new innovation in car i.e. Acoustic Windshield.

Source of Noise in a Car

  1. Car Engine
  2. Air Fluctuations on the windshield at high speed.
  3. Air drag at the edges of car and mirrors
  4. External noise due to other vehicles on road

One way to reduce noise level into compartment was to increase windshield thickness. Which ultimately translates into high weight and hence reduced performance and body restructuring. Its not only expensive but also impractical as increasing thickness only reduce marginal noise levels.

How is Acoustic Windshield made ?

Engineers find an innovative way to reduce noise. They sandwich a transparent  acoustic vinyl layer between windshield lamination. This additional Vinyl layer absorbs noise in tune to 2-3 dB. It helps to make inner cabin quiet enough that passenger that allows people to converse without shouting. Additional layer also helps in reducing windshield thickness without negatively affecting noise levels. It also help to shave off Car weight and hence make it more efficient.


This new Vinyl layer is also applicable in car sidelites that further improves noise level inside car cabin. An additional benefit with this acoustic windshield is that it helps to absorb harmful UV radiation and hence also helpful for health prospective.

If your car have an Acoustic windshield installed, you must got it replaced by an Acoustic one. Tough ordinary windshield cost low on your pocket, it will not be a nice saving. An ordinary windshield will change your cars characteristics and   hence you will feel increased noise levels in your cabin.

You should also look at the windshield monogram / logo during windshield replacement for its technical specifications. Usually an Acoustic windshield logo have “Acoustic” or letter “A” mentioned in it. At Auto Glass Masters the acoustic windshields we use are with PVB Lamination of best quality supplied by OE manufacturers like AIS, Saint Gobain, Pilkington .

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