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Benefits of Solar Car Windshield Glass

Summer’s scornful heat, flurries of dust, and the infrequent cloudburst can cause environmental damage to your vehicle. Driving in the summertime can be fatiguing for many due to the unremitting heat and flash of the sun. Disturbingly heated interior of the car makes the car driving experience very uncomfortable and overwhelming. In fact, the optimum functionality of the vehicles’ air conditioner further gets affected by the extreme temperature. The air conditioner remains switched on for a long time, the radiation shift from the front windshield glass can be pretty influential. Additionally, intense summer months can inflict destruction on the windshield glass as prolonged exposure to the unrelenting heat of the sun can make the windscreen glass increase in size causing it to become weakened to cracks which finally requires a costly car glass repair. The constant air conditioning can create a huge temperature contrast between the inside and outside. 

To resolve all heat-related problems, solar control glass is the one-and-only solution. It not only lessens temperature inside the car but also prevents dangerous Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) rays from entering into the car’s cabin. This laminated Solar Car Windshield Glass is composed of two layers of glass with a unique synthetic interlayer, like polyvinyl-butyl (PVB). It is employed between the glass sheets to enhance its potency. Solar control glass advocates a robust plastic interlayer coupled with an additional coating that intercepts or reflects up to 99% harmful solar rays.

Solar Windshield glass

How Does Solar Control Glass Serve The Purpose?

The interlayer of the solar windshield is supplanted with a radiation absorbing layer that blocks the transfer of solar rays. Therefore, it restricts heat from penetrating into your car cabin during the summers and also maintains the interior warmness in winters. Moreover, a solar glass windshield can obstruct up to 99% of the deadly solar beams, ensuring more sheltered vehicle rooms. Prolonged exposure to UV and IR rays can have a harmful impression on one’s well-being and even raise the chance for many radiation-related ailments. To bypass these risks, one should consider replacing their car windshield with a solar glass windshield. It explicitly prevents the dangerous infrared radiation to keep interiors naturally fresh-cooling thereby boosting driver comfort and lessening fatigue. In fact, people who have sensitive skin, this enormous front glass can save them from critical epidermis problems while protecting their skin.

Benefits of highly-effective Solar Windshield Glass:

Improved Fuel Saving

A car with a  Solar Car Windshield reduces AC turn-ons by 10 to 15 % and it improves fuel efficiency and also decreases emissions of CO2. This leads to a reduction in pressure for the air conditioner and you end up preserving fuel expenses. With a solar windshield, the usage of the vehicle AC is minimized and this only adds to your savings but also preserves the exhaustion on the energy resources.

Superior Comfort

Parking under shade is a good choice to get some relief from the heat exposure but not always feasible. The concentrated heat takes a while to disseminate and you have to undergo the heat meanwhile. The heat coated windshield engrosses the Infrared (IR) rays that create redundant warmth and produces moderate internal temperature boosting cabin comfort. With a solar glass windshield, the energy stored inside the car is far limited allotting for quicker cooling. Also, this lessens your dependency on the vehicle AC. 

Longer Upholstery Life

Just like unswerving sun weathering can harm you, it can likewise influence your vehicle in a negative way. Continual exposure to unrelenting sunlight can fade out your car interiors very quickly. Washed-out seat coverings or blemishes on your upholstery can become an issue. Moreover, your fancy devices like stereos and CDs can also get damaged due to the excessive heat. In fact, due to immense sunlight and heat, it’s intolerable to relax inside the vehicle or even operate the steering. Furthermore, severe sunlight can deliberately destroy the appearance of the car padding. Solar control glass shields the cushioning from replicated vulnerability to raised temperatures. Additionally, it preserves other objects you like to keep in your car like keys, sunglasses, drinking bottles, etc.

UV Protection

The dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays transmitted by the sun can create many health problems, especially skin and eye-related. It tends to cause premature aging of the skin, tanning, skin cancer, sunburn, and eye damage in certain cases. Solar control glass prevents up to 99% of solar radiation, rendering benefits comparable to that of SPF 50+ sunscreen lotions.

No Signal Blocks

Have you ever experienced weak connectivity in your car during the motion? It creates a delay in reaching the place on time. With solar control glass, it is ensured that all-electric gadgets can be utilized with continuous response. Now you can enjoy uninterrupted communication in your vehicle without interference.

Better Electric Vehicle Range

Electric cars are the vehicles of tomorrow. While they’re atmosphere friendly and present fabulous mileage, a little more never bites. Solar glass pervades the interior temperature and decreases A/C pressure, electric cars can increase their trip distance.


Thus, a solar car windshield glass can give enormous advantages for car owners. A crucial point to remark here is only to go for specialist engineers for all your windshield replacement work. Be it an uncomplicated front glass fracture repairing task for your vehicle or a total windshield change, only allow a qualified windshield mechanic to put his hands on your vehicle. Also, consider checking that the automotive service store you have chosen to visit deals in authentic glass models only. The profusion of low-cost windshield imitations in the market often makes it difficult for an amateur to differentiate between the original and the after-market models. Always avoid buying low-grade copies as they lack the durability and organic integrity of the original windshield. Moreover, they are more vulnerable to scratches and frequently required to be serviced or replenished periodically totaling to your long term expenses.

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