Have a thought of car glass repair ever comes to your mind ?

It often happens that you are at a highway or at any remote road which is not maintained well. Suddenly a small stone or a flower bud smash at your car windscreen. You suddenly notice a small crack or chip in your car windshield that came from nowhere. It must have been a high velocity piece fired at you with a gun, because you didn’t see it coming. And as you try to come out of the shock an awful truth soaks in: You need a new car windshield. A new windshield means leaving your car for 2 or more days in a service center or car glass shop. There are other risks involve like leaky windscreen or higher car insurance premium. But we advice you to just stop and think again, have you tried for a car glass repair ? Give it a thought.

Inspection of Cracked Car Glass

Repairable Car Glass Cracks

Before you got panicked due to the crack, take a deep breath and think. All car windshield cracks and chip are not large enough and hence don’t need replacement. You should first inspect your car glass crack or call Auto Glass Masters to inspect it for you. It just might be possible to repair the chip instead of replacing the glass. At Auto Glass Masters we use Esprit Car Glass Repair Solutions to repair all types of cracks and chip in your car glass. We have successfully repaired car glasses for premium cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Volvo, Porsche etc. It is always our priority to get your car glass repaired instead of going for a replacement. It always saves your hard earned money as well as your precious time.

Car Glass Repair Kits

If you go for a car glass repair, it is always safe. A repaired Car Glass is as good as the new car glass if it is been repaired by an expert using good quality repair kit. That’s why at Auto Glass Masters we recommend use of Esprit Car Glass Repair Kit. Esprit is one of the leading European windscreen repair kit manufacturers. All the repairs done at our service centers avail lifetime warranty regarding windshield repair quality. The Esprit Windshield repair system is one of the most sold system and is very user friendly compared to other windscreen repair systems. The Esprit system provides a professional chip or crack repair result every time. Esprit kits have passed many quality tests which includes BS AU 251:1994. and AS/NZS 2366.2.

Car Glass Repair Process

A car glass repair needs to clean the broken pieces and sucking out the air from the crack. We use a vacuum cup to do the same. Now our technician takes the transparent resign into an injection and fill the pit. It brings out remaining air and the resign gets inside the crack. Once resign is filled, we treat it with Ultra-violet rays. It become transparent and hard. Now is the time to remove the excess resign. Once crack repair process is complete technician apply another chemical to finally clean the surface. As a result you have a smooth glass surface restored to its original strength. The transparency is restored to about 90-95% based on the type and size of crack. Within 30 minutes of starting the glass repair your car is ready to get back on road.

Types of Cracks

Bulls’ eye, Chip, Combination Break, Crack chip, Ding, Edge Crack,  Floater Crack, Half Moon, Long Crack, Partial Bulls’ eye, Pit, Star Beak, Stone Break, Stress Break – are those cracks which are reparable. So you should check is your crack one of these, before you think of a new glass.

Advantage of Car Glass repair

Car glass repair gives you an advantage of getting back on road in less than 30 minutes. It saves 75-80% of new windshield cost. It also helps you save your precious time. By opting for a repair you save your cars original fitting. You must understand that factory windshield fitting can’t be achieved again and hence we always recommend to opt for glass repair rather than replacement. Apart from it while opting for a repair, you add to environment conservation. As you know new windshield means disposing off the old one. you can read more about is the new windshield more durable than the repaired ones ?

Why you should not drive with a crack glass?

Some time we opt to ignore small cracks in our car glass. Being a laminated glass our car windshield or Sunroof doesn’t scatter. We take advantage and drive our car with a cracked windshield to save windshield replacement cost. Some time we are too busy. But its has long term effect on your car safety.

As the time passes the crack began to expand and it can’t be repaired. If you don’t opt for windshield repair in time, crack may get open and it can compromise your cars sealing. Wind and water finds a way through the chip into your car glass lamination eventually membrane will fog, causing a large blemish. As the worst case, your car windshield may get collapsed if unfortunately you met with an accident or at a speed-breaker. You should know more about car glass repairs from your mechanic to take right decision at right time.

Our Advice :We recommend you not to ignore any kind of crack or chip in your car glass. Get in touch with Auto Glass Masters for more expert advice. Our trained technicians guide you. You can visit our service center in Delhi, Gurgaon and Faridabad or you can call us at 9278783578. And you always have an option to go for a replacement. We also offer you cashless insurance claim facility for new windshield replacements.

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