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Windshield Replacement

The windscreen is a vital safety part of your car. Windscreen protects you and your family from dust, debris and other particles on road. It also protects you from the rain. Being a glass part, it has a fair chance of breakage. Advancements in windscreen manufacturing have made windshield more and more secure. So even if your car meets with an accident, your car’s front glass will not collapse being a laminated car glass. People often take advantage of this security feature and avoid windshield replacement.

Broken Windshield Replacement

Car windshield is an automotive laminated safety glass. Its middle laminated layer gives its unique characteristics and prevents it from collapse during any accident or damage. People realize that windscreen doesn’t fall on them due to this feature and hence compromise their safety and not go for new windscreen installation. we realize that windshield replacement is a costly process and need time, but it is nothing compared to your family safety.

Windshield replacement process includes many steps :

car windshield replacement

  1. A proper inspection at an expert car glass shop, to access the damage. Windscreen damage smaller than a coin size can be repaired if you got crack repair before crack expands beyond repair. You can save money by opting for broken windshield repair, it costs only 10% – 20%.
  2. If however the damage is beyond repair or you have a damage in drivers vision area, you should opt for a new windshield. But before you bother about a new windshield price and try to overlook it. Check your insurance policy. Most of the motor insurance cover a damage windshield replacement cost. Hence you don’t need to worry about the cost of replacing a new windshield, rather you should worry about a qualified windshield installer like Auto Glass Masters.
  3. At auto glass we offer you complete car glass replacement service. Our team of qualified technicians helps you through the process. we do all paperwork related to your insurance claim.
  4. Once your insurance claim is cleared by your insurer, we go for a replacement. We choose only genuine car glass for replacement unless demanded by the customer to opt for aftermarket glass. At Auto Glass Masters we perform windshield chip repairs to full windshield replacement. You can trust your vehicle to our certified experts. Today automakers are including more and more technology into your car’s windshield. Our technicians keep up with the innovations. For example, you may not realize that your windshield could contain heating elements, rain detectors, radio antennas, and temperature sensors. Our certified auto glass specialists know that these are just a few of the many things to keep in mind during windshield replacement.
  5. From years of experience in car glass installation, we realize that quality of glass bonding is as important as the glass itself. All our windshield replacement centers use Betaseal or Sika Automotive Adhesive for auto glass replacement. Genuine glass adhesives provide a curing time of about 2 hours before you can drive your car again.
  6. The third most important constituent of replacement is body primer, during scrapping of old urethane from car frame it gets exposed to air and moisture and hence become pronto rusting. To avoid such a situation we recommend to apply a quality body primer before applying adhesive to frame.
  7. Also, all this can go to vain if your car glass fitter doesn’t place your windscreen properly. Auto glass masters have technicians with experience for more than 7 years. We use specialized tools for windshield removal and installation so that there will be no leakage in case of rain due to misplacement of glass.

If you have other questions regarding replacement or quality of car glass read more.

You may find that you want to get your car glass replacement but you don’t have enough time to go to an auto glass shop. You can call 9278783578 for doorstep windscreen replacement service.

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