Pilkington Automotive Windshield

Pilkington Automotive Glass

Pilkington Automotive is the global number one in Aftermarket (AGR) Car Glass distribution & wholesale. As well as its major OE facilities within each region, it operates additional capacity focused on production for the aftermarket.

It has also developed extensive AGR distribution and wholesaling networks throughout Europe, Japan and NAFTA. Smaller aftermarket operations exist in South America and Asia.

In servicing the aftermarket, Pilkington Automotive is able both to leverage its global OE supply programs and to utilize its flexible, short-run manufacturing expertise to produce glazings for models which are no longer current, or for which it’s not an OE supplier.

The operations in Japan, Malaysia, Finland, Poland, the UK, China and Mexico play a key role in this respect. Additionally, in cases where in-house manufacture is not attractive to Pilkington Automotive, it supplements its own production where necessary with bought-in glazings to complete key product ranges.

Pilkington also have presence in India. It manufacturer and distribute aftermarket windshield for all major automotive companies.