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Car Glass Repair – Things You Should Know

If you own a car, you have been to the workshop many times. Your workshop gives you tips for maintenance, a schedule that shows the life of different parts that need an overhaul or change from time to time.

But despite being a crucial component of cars’ safety structure, the car windshield got ignored easily. You only look for windshield care once it got broken, in some cases to the extent that it is not possible to drive with it. We have observed drivers driving cars with a cracked windshield. They are aware that it can be dangerous, but since it’s laminated and will not fall like side glass, they keep on driving.

So, we decide to cover an important topic. When should you go for a windshield replacement and what are the chances that the crack can be repaired?

Esprit windscreen repair kit

Firstly, as far as the repair is concerned only front car glass is repairable. It’s because in most cars only front car glass is laminated and doesn’t scatter. Other car glasses are tempered and hence scatter into pieces on deep impact.

Which crack is repairable?

Any crack in the front car glass having a size smaller than a rupee coin is repairable. Provided that it is not directly in the sight of the driver or near to the edges.


Are multiple cracks on the windshield repairable?

Not more than 2 cracks with reasonable distance from each other and edges are repairable. You should visit a car glass repair shop to get a clear idea.

Can I repair a windshield crack on my own?

Yes, you can. There are many DIY kits available only which can be used to repair a windshield crack. But our advice is that you should visit an expert windshield repair company. Apart from the experience and expertise, the windscreen repair kits these companies use is far better than a DIY kit. Also, the cost of a repair at these workshops is almost the same as the cost of a DIY kit.

How much is the cost of a windshield crack repair?

Ideally, for a single crack based on the car model the cost of repair can vary between ₹ 800 – ₹ 2500.

Why is such a price range for repairing a crack? What is the difference?

The difference in repair cost is due to the complexities of the car windshield. Different cars have different kinds of windshields like heating wires, sensors, etc. So, the cost of repair depends upon the expertise required to repair and the time taken.

How much time does it require to repair a windshield crack?

Most of the time it takes less than 30 minutes to repair a crack. But if your car has any special windshield time it takes to repair can increase.

My car windshield has a hairline crack, can it be repaired?

Unfortunately, No. At this point in time no car glass replacement company uses a hairline repair kit in India. Most of the companies not even repair the glass. Your authorized workshop only replaces the windshield and not even recommend a repair.

Which windscreen repair kit does Auto Glass Masters use?

At Auto Glass Masters we use Esprit windscreen repair kit. It is one of the most reputed windscreen repair kit manufacturers from Europe and supplies specialized crack repair kits worldwide. All our service centers are equipped with one such kit and our technicians are fully trained to use it.

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