Windshield (India) or windscreen (Europe) is front glass in a car or bus. Since its invention a car windshield has evolved. Today most of the windshields are laminated. So these are now a safety laminated glass where two glass layers are sandwiched by a polythene layer. This additional layer gives front glass additional strength and safety. Windscreen with this additional strength provides structural strength to your car.


Windshield History

In the beginning, a front car glass was nothing more than a simple glass pane. These glass pane were dangerous for passengers during any breakage. Often pieces of glass caused injury to the passenger in case of accidents. Due to risk to life, car designers looked for a new alternative. Hence, they designed treated glass for the car or often called a Tempered Glass. These tempered glasses were often harmless as they scatter into small pieces in case of an accident.

Though these tempered glass scattered into harmless pieces yet they were issues. Like even a small stone could shatter a tempered glass. As the speed of cars increased, it was felt that passengers were need to be protected. As on a high speed even a small stone could cause injury which could lead to loss of life. So designers looked for more safe alternatives of tempered glass. The new research led to new Laminated Safety Glass.

Safety Windshield

A laminated safety glass is not a single glass. In fact auto safety glass is made of two glass layers typically curved in shape. These two layers are bind together with a polythene layer or more often called a PVB layer. This new layer help designers in many ways.

  • First of all it gives new strength to the car windshield.
  • In case of a mishap, this new layer absorb the shock and don’t let the glass layers scatter. It provides additional safety for passengers.
  • Also it help designers to make large windshield for bus and other vehicles in a single piece.
  • Car manufacturers were also able to make new cars with different aerodynamic designs and improved features like defoggers.

Today there are many international car glass manufacturers which offer many types of laminated windshield to car manufacturers. Some of these are Ashai Group (Japan), Saint Gobain Sekurit (France), Pilkington(UK), Guardian(USA). These offer laminated windshields with many security features like Rain and Light Sensor, Lane Departure Sensor, IR Camera and so on.

Damaged windshield Repair

Windshield got crack or chip while driving. Due to laminated layer in between the glass, small cracks or chip on upper layer can be repaired. If a windshield chip is not more than 6 inches in size it can be repaired. Though there are other factors also. Repairing a broken car windscreen also depends on the nature of crack, depth of crack and position of crack. At Auto Glass Masters we don’t recommend any repair if the crack or chip is in drivers vision area.

The main advantage of windshield repair is that it saves money as well as it is environment friendly.

Replacement of broken Windshield

If damage in windshield is beyond repair, you need a new windshield. Auto Glass Masters recommend you to go for a genuine part for replacement. Though many alternative aftermarket auto glass are also available, these parts are not same as genuine part in terms of quality. Genuine car glass may be costly as compared to an aftermarket glass, but this additional cost is nothing compared to safety and quality assurance it provides.

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We also recommend use of only quality adhesives or Automotive Polyurethane to bind the glass with your car body. Quality of your bonding material is as important as the windscreen itself. If you use a non-branded adhesive it will also cause other problems like rusting in car body. So you should consult with your car garage or technician regarding quality of adhesive and autoglass during windshield replacement. Check other frequently asked questions about car glass replacement.