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On Thursday, Maruti’s Japanese owner Suzuki has announced to produce its first commercial Electric car in India. For this Suzuki has decided to invest about $600 million to its Gujarat based facility in Hasalpur, which houses Plant A with annual 2.5 lakh capacity and produces Baleno. A new plant B with similar capacity will come up by 2019 and will be followed by a Plant C. This new commitment will take Suzuki total investment in India to $2.1 Billion alone in Gujarat.

Maruti Electric Car

Suzuki has produced Swift all electric version called Swift REEV but never produced it commercially. Suzuki Motors has decided to make Gujarat the manufacturing base for its electric car business. The new EV will not only sold in Indian market but also will be exported. This new plant will help bolster efforts for Indian governments flagship Make In India progem. It also gives a push to switch to more cleaners fuels for transport.

Its noteworthy that last week Tata Motors has also announced to go for an all electric Tata Nano. Where as Mahindra and Mahindra has decided to enter Cab Aggregators sector with new electric car.

A major significant investment will be to establish a new combustion engine unit at same facility of about 5 lakh capacity.  Apart from the new electric car Suzuki has announced a JV with Japanese Toshiba and Denso to produce electric Li-ion battery pack for electric vehicle in India.

Future for Electric Vehicles

A Stanford economist, Tony Seba, thinks that the global oil business will end as soon as 2030. In a study released recently, Tony talks about the revolutionary changes soon to be wrought by electrification of the transportation. The study published by Stanford University says that fossil-fueled cars will vanish within eight years and the people who want to buy cars will have no choice but to invest in electric vehicles or vehicles working on similar technologies. Tony says that this is because the cost of the electric vehicles; which includes cars, buses and even trucks will decrease and this will result in the collapse of the petroleum industry.

Indian Government has also shown proactive approach towards electric cars. In January 2017, the Indian government announced to bear up to 60% of the research and development (R&D) cost for developing the indigenous low-cost electric technology. Power minister Piyush Goyal in March said, “We are working (on the scheme). Can we actually give electric car for free (zero down payment) and people can pay for that out of the savings on the petroleum products? Innovation is possible, it just needs an open mind. You need to think of scale and be honest.”



We are into Monsoon season. Rains are a day to day issue. Though we should have covered this topic before, nevertheless the sooner the better. We have discussed some tips to maintain your car in Monsoon in an earlier article. Today we are going to share some tips for windshield rain proofing. We find us in trouble during rains, visibility is very low. So it makes it more necessary to keep our car windshield clean.

How to take care of your car windshield in Monsoon

First of all, you must inspect your car windshield for any type of damage. Its the primary and most important thing. Check your windshield thoroughly for all types of cracks and chips or any pits. You should go for a repair or replacement as per the situation. Never ignore any crack as it can increase in few hours or days. Raining and heat after rain increase the rate of deterioration in a cracked car glass. why you should not ignore small cracks you can read more in this article.

Now once you are sure your car windshield is ok. You need to clean it thoroughly. We recommend you to use good glass cleaner at home or go for a professional car wash. On a normal day, your car windshield may seem ok and clear, but on a rainy day, small dust can prove fatal. Dust will create a messy and muddy surface on your car glass. You may want to use wipers to clean it and find yourself with a streak of mud in your direct sight of vision.

Why Car Wiper Blades quality matters

At Auto Glass Masters we suggest you invest in good quality wiper blades. We suggest you to for wiper change at least three to four times in a year. It will keep your wipers in a good shape. You should check your blades regularly that they apply even pressure at all points. If its not the case, wiper blades may leave moisture or water streak behind. It can be annoying while driving and can divert your attention.

Importance of Water Repellent for Windshield Rain Proofing

Windshield Rain proofing by applying water repellent

There are many products available that you can apply on your car windscreen. It helps you whisk away the water safely. These products help your defogger by reducing condensation on a glass surface. More importantly, they help to reduce friction between wiper blades and car windscreen.

Generally water repellent came in liquid form. These can prove life saver in heavy rain. Water repellents came in a DIY form with manufacturers guidelines regarding process and frequency of application. Most of the repellent can be applied by car owners in just a few steps. Yet you must take care of how to do it guidelines.

  1. You should use an ammonia-based cleaner to make your windshield clean.
  2. Wait for the cleaner to wiped away and completely dry before applying the repellent. Use good quality and the clean towel to help you make surface dry.
  3. Apply repellent as per instruction. Based on the brand, you may need to apply it horizontally / Vertically or in a circular pattern to make an even surface.
  4. Allow it to dry as per instructions.
  5. After it clean the windshield surface with a clean towel or a micro-fiber cloth.
  6. When repellent is completely dry, reins your windshield with clean water and towel.

Between rain repellent applications, clean your windshield with water alone to avoid breaking the waterproof seal with harmful chemicals. In addition to helping with rain control, most waterproofing products will aid in the removal of splattered bugs and bird droppings. Here you can get a clear idea regarding how to apply water repellent.

For knowing more about windshield care, Wiper replacement, windshield repair or replacement. You can contact your nearest Auto Glass Masters service center. If you have any question about new windshield or cost of the replacement call us at 9278783578. Our technician will help you promptly.