Do my Windshield Rain Sensor need replacement ?

What does a Windshield Rain Sensor do ? Windshield Rain Sensor support field of vision of driver and try to keep it clean while there is rain. It helps driver by automatic rain detection and wiper control. Which ultimately lower drivers load and avoid distraction. Rain Sensor helps to keep… Read More

Acoustic Windshield – New chapter in Automotive Industry

Car Designers are working hard to make your driving more and more pleasant. In this quest engineers are working hard to keep the noise level minimal in the passenger cabin and make it more sound proof . Through years of testing engineers find that car windshield is a major source… Read More

solar coated windshield

Solar Coated Windshield

New stylish and more elegant cars are being designed by prominent Car Manufacturers to make their models more and more attractive to International Markets. New Cars have steep and trendy design with large glass surfaces. Though it looks great to have large glass surface in a car, it also cause… Read More