Windshield rain proofing tips

We are into Monsoon season. Rains are a day to day issue. Though we should have covered this topic before, nevertheless the sooner the better. We have discussed some tips to maintain your car in Monsoon in earlier article. Today we are going to share some tips for windshield rain… Read More

Things to Know about Car Care in Monsoon

Most of the car accidents that occur are due to negligence and improper maintenance of cars. Monsoon is such season which witness most accidents in India. To keep yourself safe you should take care of your car. Get your car inspection by professionals to avoid any mishap. Monsoon can cause… Read More

Advanced driver assistance systems

Now a days when every one is concerned about Safety, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS is the backbone of your car safety systems. It is not a system in itself but blend of technologies which work together to make the drive safe for the occupant as well as others… Read More

How to Repair a Windshield Chip or Crack ?

Isn’t a New Windshield more durable than repaired ?

You may wonder which is most suitable for you – to get your windshield repair or new windshield (replacement). Is your repaired windshield have sufficient strength to support your car and is it safe for you and your family ? Here is your answer : Windshield repair is a scientific tested… Read More

Repairing a crack

Is My Windshield Repairable?

There are considerable chances of windshield cracks and chips due to some stone or any other small object which got smashed into your windshield when you are driving on a High-way or Off-Road. The question arises ” Is my windshield repairable ?” Of Course you can visit to your nearest car… Read More