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Mercedes-Benz India CEO Roland Folger Showcased New Face lift Mercedes S350d in presence of transport minister Nitin Gadkari. The most talkative point here is the Mercedes S Class new BS-VI engine. This is first made in India Mercedes with a BS-VI engine.

Ronald said that the company had faced the same challenge in Europe in 2010 when Euro VI emission norms was put into effect though Euro VI fuel wads only available at a limited number of locations. The company had to design the Euro VI engine to use Euro V fuel.

Mercedes is now the only premium brand available with the latest BS-VI engine two years ahead of official government deadline for switching to Bharat Stage VI Norms directly from BS-IV which are currently sold in India.

Mercedes claims that the new engine produces 68 percent less nitrous oxides, 82 percent less particulate matter and betters fuel efficiency by 6 percent than the outgoing V6 motor. The previous S 350d was powered by a 3.0-lite V6 diesel motor that produced 258hp and 620Nm of peak torque and was mated to a seven-speed automatic. However, the new 3.0-litre, in-line diesel mill (codenamed OM 656) is tuned to produce 286hp and 600Nm of peak torque. While torque is 20Nm down on the previous engine, power is up by about 28hp.


In terms of design, the S-class facelift gets new headlamps, tail-lamps and redesigned front and rear bumpers. On the inside, Mercedes’ refreshed flagship sedan gets tweaks to the cabin including a new 12.3-inch high-definition screen, wood and leather options for interior trim and seats, and a new seat-fragrance function along with ventilated seats.


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Introduction : We have touched about importance of windshield in your car as well as difference in OEM and After market Windshields. Today we will try to share more in depth view of broken windshield installation procedure. Being a safety feature of your car, it is necessary to understand the procedure that your windshield replacement company should follow.

Standard Procedure Auto Glass Masters service centers follow:

  1. Protecting your car interiors : We use specialized covers designed to protect your car interior parts which our technicians work on your windshield. It is highly recommended to cover dashboard and other parts to avoid scratched due to broken glass pieces that may scatter during removing broken windshield.
  2. Removing your car wiper blades : We use specialized tools to remove your wiper blades. Some time blades get rusted and hence require skill as well as patience to avoid undue damage to other car parts.
  3. Removing Old Windshield : Now as your interiors are covered and wipers removed. We are ready to remove your old windshield. Here it is important to note that its a skillful task and need proper training to use tools. Technicians at Auto Glass Masters take great care to avoid any damage to your cars body paint. It is also important to get old windshield disposed off well to protect environment hazards.
  4. New Windshield Selection : We advice all our customers to go for only OEM windshields which are recommended by your car manufacturer. You can check the difference between a Genuine and Aftermarket part. Though money does matter but its always wise to go for a Genuine part.Broken windshield installation procedure
  5. Apply Primer and Adhesive : Once you chose your new windshield we apply a primer to your car body to protect it from rusting and using a gun we apply OEM approved Adhesive to the car body. To prevent it from drying technicians need to work fast but keeping safety standards.
  6. New Windshield Installation: Our Technicians use specialized vacuum pumps during installation of new windshield to keep the windshield at proper place and without damaging it. Once placed correctly it is pressed gently and excess adhesive is wiped clean and wipers are fitted again.
  7. Once the Installation is complete. It needs adequate time for the sealent to dry before you can drive your car again.

Conclusion : Replacing a broken or old windshield is a precise work that need expertise and specialized tools. We recommend you to visit your nearest Auto Glass Masters Service center for further advice or call us at 9278783578. We also offer home service facility and cashless insurance claims for windshield replacement. All windshield installation have standard workmanship and quality warranty as per our warranty policy.


Now a days when every one is concerned about Safety, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS is the backbone of your car safety systems. It is not a system in itself but blend of technologies which work together to make the drive safe for the occupant as well as others on road. ADAS is a key technology initiative to keep the drive aware of the situation around him while driving. It helps the driver to avoid any kind of collision or mishap by processing information through different sensors and automated systems.


ADAS not only give information to the driver, it also have automated or enhanced feature to control your car ride like in case of Automated Cruise Control. In case driver fails to act timely it can over-ride manual safety features and automatically apply brakes or steer the wheel to avoid any road mishap. It not only keep occupant safe during ride, it also helps to keep highest safety standards in case of a collision like tightening your seat-belt, controlling car brakes to avoid car skid, inflating air bags or to cut fuel supply to avoid fire in case of an accident.

Apart from these there are some other ADAS parts which help you drive in comfort. Rain and Light Sensor installed on your car windshield help you during rain and dim light. Adaptive Cruise Control helps to keep check on car speed to have a safe distance from other vehicles on road.

There are many ADAS systems available in market like Mercedes Pre-safe System. All major car manufacturers are investing very hard time, money and human resource to keep up with the pace of development. It is really important to have a Safety system which can keep the occupant safe in case of mishap or on the other hand avoid such a situation.

As far as your Windshield is concerned a lot is happening in new windshields. There are lots of systems which are part of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and are available on your car windshield. Most common is the Rain and light sensor, Front Optical Camera, Infra Red Camera and also Lane assistance system / Lane departure Systems.

In case of a damage to your car windshield, it is imperative for you to check which ADAS system your car have. It is very important for your safety to get your windshield replacement under a trained technician. Auto Glass Masters suggests you to go only for OEM windshield in case of damage in your car glass it beyond repairable. Is your windshield repairable our team will help you asses that correctly.

After replacement of your car windshield it is also necessary to re-calibrate these Advanced Driver Assistance Systems . We suggest you to go for only Genuine parts so as to keeps your ADAS intact. Aftermarket parts may be cheep but it can compromise your car safety.


Do My Car have A windshield light Sensor ?

A Windshield Light Sensor is looks similar to a Rain Sensor. Often they are available as a combined unit installed beneath your rear view mirror in a special mount and touching windshield inner surface. Windshield Light Sensor is also visible from out side as a transparent box at the place of rear view mirror holder.

Windshield Light Sensor
Windshield Light Sensor

Why is Light Sensor important for my Car ?

Windshield Light Sensor help to control your cars head lights. It keeps tracking the type of illumination around you while you are driving. Some time while driving for extended hours you can’t keep a track of amount of light around you and how fast is night falling. While you are so busy in driving you forget to switch on your head lights which can be dangerous for you as well as other drivers on road. Windshield Light Sensor does this for you, it keep a track on sun light intensity and switches on the head light if sunlight is not good enough for driving. Automatic control of your head lights also help to conserve your car battery.

Do it need to be replaced during windshield replacement ?

If you got your windshield cracked due to some unfortunate reason and need it to be replaced or repaired. It doesn’t mean you also have to replace your windshield light sensor. In most of the cracks your windshield got repaired if your crack it less than a coin size. If it is more than it you need a windshield replacement but it doesn’t amount to light sensor replacement. You need to check whether your light sensor got hit directly or there is some sort of damage to its wiring. Other wise it is ok to use your old sensor with brand new windshield.

Where Should I buy A new Windshield Light Sensor ?

For most of the car brands and models Light Sensors are readily available in the after market. Here at Auto Glass Masters we suggest you to go for an OEM Light Sensor for your car. OEM re-installation is the best way to ensure that it works properly. If your light sensor is not right it will affect car illumination and will also drain more battery than OEM. It will affect your battery life.