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How to select a car glass replacement company?

Selecting a car glass replacement company has many aspects. Different workshops have different costs of car glass replacement for the same car model. Now what’s are the key things that make Auto Glass Masters unique, and why even you should think of visiting our workshop compared to a local car glass shop.

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Toyota Windshield Replacement

1. Repair First Policy: Most local car glass shop doesn’t have a windscreen repair kit. They only replace car windshield even if the crack is small and repairable. So, even if you save some money vis-à-vis branded car glass replacement company, you may be losing money by replacing a repairable windshield. We follow a Repair first policy, and for cracks which are repairable, we never ask you to go for a replacement.

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2. Genuine Car Glass: At Auto Glass Masters we only use genuine products as replacement parts. Most of our car glass is procured either directly from the manufacturer or by their authorized dealers. In case genuine products are not sold in the aftermarket, we use similar products of the same manufacturer which supply to the car manufacturers.

Like Saint Gobain Sekurit supplies Original Honda car windshield for Amaze, but due to their contractual obligations, they can’t supply the same windshield in the aftermarket. So, Auto Glass Masters use its OEE equivalent, which is supplied by Saint Gobain Sekurit but doesn’t have a Honda logo.

Likewise, if you have a Toyota Altis, the original Toyota windshield is supplied by AIS, with the Toyota logo. But it doesn’t supply the same windshield for aftermarket replacement. So, we use the AIS aftermarket windshield for Altis, which has the AIS logo, but not Toyota.

The OEE parts are identical to the Original parts supplied to car manufacturers but don’t have car manufacturers logo due to trademark laws. Yet, quality and standards are identical in all aspects.

3. Genuine Adhesive: Another crucial component in car glass replacement is Adhesive. Here is all the cost difference. Most local car glass dealers use substandard car glass polyurethane. The cost of such an adhesive can range somewhere between ₹ 90 – ₹ 120 for 1 bottle. These adhesives have low adhesive quality and hence are not certified for automotive use. Such adhesives can cause rusting in the car and hence can compromise its structural strength.

Auto Glass Masters never compromises the quality of adhesives for a few bucks. All our replacement centers and mobile van teams use high-quality car glass adhesives. The most trusted brands that we use are Sika Titan by Sika, Norton by Saint Gobain & Beataseal by AIS. All these adhesives are best in class and are certified for use in the automotive industry. For any branded adhesive cost of 1 bottle may vary between ₹ 650 – ₹ 1250.

4. Specialized Tools and Expert Technicians: Technicians at our center use specialized tools for car glass replacement and windshield repair. All cars have different types of fittings and need special tools to open the windshield, door or sunroof. Even removing the broken windshield or sunroof requires specialized tools. Local car glass dealers lack such tools, they use brake clutch wire to remove the windshield which can cause damage to the car body. They don’t have long blade knives or L-shape or U-shape cold knife blades. Also, for the removal of rain sensors or cameras, they don’t have any kind of specialized tools, so sometimes they damage the sensor while removing it.

The service or labor cost also depends upon the experience and expertise of technicians. Our technicians are trained well to handle all car models including premium luxury cars and have vast exposer of handling cars ranging from Maruti Suzuki to premium brands like Bentley and Lamborghini.

5. Cashless Insurance Claims: Local car glass shops don’t have a cashless insurance claims facility. It forces you either to go for a cash job or a non-cashless job, where first you need to pay out of your pocket and then the insurance company will refund their part in your account. At Auto Glass Masters, you don’t need to wary about your claim settlement. We have cashless tie-ups with all major insurance companies and offer a total cashless facility. You just need to pay the clause or deductibles as per your policy.

6. Warranty: Local car glass shop may or may not gives you a warranty for the product and service. Also, they don’t provide a proper invoice and hence in absence of invoice, there is no guarantee that they will honor their words if there is some issue with the product quality or workmanship. At Auto Glass Masters, we offer a written 1-year standard manufacturer warranty for all products and workmanship, which applies from the date of the invoice.

So, before deciding to go for car glass replacement at a local shop, you should consider the above points and check whether for a mere discount of a few bucks are you ready to compromise with your safety.

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