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HUD Windshield – A Special Car Windshield

HUD windshield is a special type of laminated windshield with an additional polarized layer to reflect the images projected on it through a special projector generally mounted on the car dashboard. The basic purpose of this kind of windshield is to give the driver relevant information while driving without looking away from the road.

HUD windshield

Why is HUD important?

HUD helps the driver keep his attention on the road while driving. It provides most of the relevant information on the front windshield and hence driver doesn’t need to look down for speed or gear. Some HUD systems are connected to the on-board computer of the car. Hence display information on the windshield related to the car engine and safety systems.

 HUD windshield helps reducing driver’s reaction time in case of any emergency. Different researches have pointed out that the major cause of accidents on the road is a distraction to the driver. The lesser the time driver looks down, the lesser is the car prone to accident.

Also, if a car’s speed is displayed on the windshield, it keeps the driver attentive and hence keeps it under control. The driver doesn’t need to check speedometer again and again and he can drive in a safe speed limit with correct information through HUD.

Put it in simple words HUD means ” Look straight on the road while driving.”

HUD Technology and its use in Morden day cars

A head-up display or Heads-up display is a military technology that is used to project information regarding fighter planes speed, altitude, weapons system, target, etc in front of the pilot so that he doesn’t need to check down pieces of equipment for details in the cockpit. Since, its first use in world war II by Royal Air Force, HUD has evolved and is more sophisticated now. HUDs are now also used in the civilian aviation and Automotive sector.

Automotive HUDs

Heads-up display or HUD is now a common feature in luxury/premium car brands. Most luxury car brands like Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Porsche, etc offer cars either with built-in HUD or you can buy an add-on for the same. Car manufacturers have developed new HUDs for better driver assistance and are using these systems to provide information regarding speed, location, navigation to the driver right in front of his eyes. New HUD even has additional information, like incoming calls, checking email, etc.

Some of the new HUD Systems use projectors to create a 3D augmented reality (AR) on the windscreen to give a clear idea of the surrounding, and hence keep the drive safer than before.

Is the HUD windshield different from the normal windshield?

Yes, the HUD windshield is different. As we have discussed in the beginning, HUD windscreen has a special type of PVB layer that can reflect the image projected through the HUD projector on it without distortion. It acts as a virtual horizon in front of the driver and hence displays all details right in front of him.  

The development of the HUD system leads to more advanced HUD windshields and there are only a few car glass manufacturers which supply such windscreens. Saint Gobain Sekurit being one of these manufacturers that supply both OEM and Aftermarket HUD windshield. The quality of the windshield is a crucial component of the HUD system as all information projected needs to be displayed by the windshield without distortion and without blocking the view of the driver.

Some of the car models in India which have HUD windshield are BMW 7 Series, BMW 5 Series, BMW 3 Series, Audi Q7, Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes S-Class, Porsche Cayenne, Volvo XC90, Volvo S60, etc.  

BMW claims that the BMW HUD windshield helps reducing driver reaction time to 50%.

Mercedes-Benz HUD windshield uses a special film to reflect images sent by the HUD projector which is mounted on the dashboard. The whole windshield is not polarised, but the portion of the windshield has a special film in the PVB layer and acts as a HUD display.

Can we use a normal windshield in place of the HUD windshield?

Yes, you can use a normal windshield but the issue is the quality of PVB. In an ordinary windshield, PVB is not polarized and hence the image projected by HUD will not be clearly visible to the drive. It can also cause misinformation regarding car speed as numbers can be hazy or blur on a normal windshield, it can compromise safety while driving. So, experts strongly suggest using a specialized HUD windshield rather than a cheap windshield.

Price comparison between windshields

ModelHUD WindshieldNormal Windshield
BMW 5 Series₹ 89523₹ 46033
Volvo XC90₹ 92720₹ 65121
Porsche Cayenne₹ 86464₹ 68509
Mercedes S350₹ 119356₹ 153498

HUD windshield replacement

Since HUD are a special type of car windshield. It needs trained technicians that have experience of handling such type of systems. Auto Glass Masters have technicians that have years of experience in handling luxury car windshields that have special features like Solar windshield, HUD windshield, Heated Windshield, Acoustic windshield, etc. In case you have any issue related to your HUD windshield call us at +91-9278783578 or visit your nearest branch. As you can see through price comparison of popular models, these are costly windshields. Auto Glass Masters have cashless insurance tie-ups with all major insurers and can help you get a claim in case of any damage.

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