Isn’t a New Windshield more durable than repaired ?

You may wonder which is most suitable for you – to get your windshield repair or new windshield (replacement). Is your repaired windshield have sufficient strength to support your car and is it safe for you and your family ?

Here is your answer : Windshield repair is a scientific tested and proven technology. These resign used by branded repair kits have strength equal to your brand new replacement windshield.

In fact, many glass shops use reduced quality (cheap) glass to replace your windshield. This increases their profits – but significantly reduces the clarity and safety of your windshield. The same holds true for the adhesives used in replacement jobs. Some adhesives are far better than others, but also more expensive.

You can actually be put in harms way if the replacement shop uses an inferior adhesive. You must also pay attention to SDAT (Safe Drive Away Time) or your windshield could launch from your vehicle if you were in an accident within a few hours of the replacement job completion.

At Auto Glass Masters, we use Esprit™ Repair Kits. Esprit ™ is a European windscreen repair tools manufacturers. Established in 1981, Esprit are one of the leading companies in the development, manufacture and supply of windscreen repair equipment.Esprit has also worked with and been approved by many motor manufacturers including Ford, BMW UK, Honda, Jaguar, Nissan and Peugeot as well as being an OEM supplier to one of the leading manufacturers.

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