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What is Mercedes Pre-Safe System

Safety is the most important attribute in a car these days hence all car manufactures invest a large chunk of their budget in the innovations and ideas. Mercedes Benz is one of the leading Premium car manufacturer. Engineers at Mercedes devote themselves to keep the occupants safe during any mishap. It leads to set new standards in automotive safety. Since 2003 Mercedes have developed a new collision prevention system called PRE-SAFE. S-Class was the first model to have Mercedes Pre-Safe System.

Mercedes Pre-Safe is not only a system supposed to minimize damages and protect passengers in case of accidents but also to prevent crashes as much as possible. Because of this, the feature relies on several sensors mounted inside and outside the car that permanently communicates with the vehicle in order to detect the risk of a crash as fast as possible.

How Mercedes Pre Safe Works ?

Mercedes Pre-safe

The Mercedes PRE-SAFE system uses a network of sensors to detect certain conditions that suggest an accident is about to occur, such as extreme skidding or sudden braking. After sensing an oncoming accident, the system tightens the front seat belts, adjusts the front head restraints and passenger seat, and will even close the windows and sunroof to better protect the occupants. The PRE-SAFE system is available on the following Mercedes-Benz models: C, GLC, CLA, E, S, CLS, GLE, and GLS.

Pre-Safe with pedestrian detection and city brake function

Pre-Safe with Stero Camera and Radar Sensor give your Mercedes effective capacity to detect pedestrians in front of the vehicle. Visual and acoustic warnings are triggered when a hazard is spotted. If the driver then reacts by braking, the braking power will be boosted by BAS PLUS as the situation requires, right up to a full brake application. If driver fails to apply brakes in time, Pre-Safe Brake triggers auto car braking.

Mercedes cars have lots of sensors embedded on windshield like Stero Camera and Thermal Scanners. It is recommended that during windshield replacement all sensors are properly installed. Any problem with the sensors can lead to failure or misinformation to Pre-Safe System. At Auto Glass Masters we prefer to use only OEM windshields so that there will be no issue with sensor alignment.

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