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Myths about windshield repair

In most of the cases where we replace a windshield, there is a story behind it. The story suggests that people are not fully aware of the facts regarding a windshield chip or crack repair. We generally find that most of the cracks were initially small chips. People neglect them due to one or the other reason. And eventually, they land up for a windscreen replacement.

Windshield Repair
Windshield repair

Car windshield cracks are normal. Any stone or debris at a speed more than 70 km/hr can cause your car windshield crack. But there are lots of myths associated with the windshield chip repair. Here are some of these myths:

  1. A windshield chip repair takes time
  2. Windscreen crack repair is costly
  3. A crack can wait
  4. A sticker can stop a crack from expanding
  5. A repaired windshield is compromised
  6. All companies are the same
  7. All chips and cracks are the same
  8. A windshield chip can be repaired at home

A windshield chip repair takes time

The most prominent myth is the time required to repair a crack. People are too busy to even google it. They keep on driving until windscreen needs a replacement. Some think they need to leave the car for a day at the workshop as in case of replacement.

But the fact is a car windshield crack repair takes about 30 minutes. You don’t require to spare more than an hour for repair.

Windscreen crack repair is costly

People have another misconception regarding the cost of the windshield repair. Your car dealership and most car glass replacement companies don’t use repair kits. They prefer to replace a windshield. As it is more profitable for them. So they often misguide the customer about the cost of the chip repair.

The fact is a small crack repair cost between ₹ 800 – ₹ 1500. This cost is far less than the cost of a new windscreen.

A crack can wait

People think that a small crack can wait, and it is ok to drive with a cracked windshield. You can find many drivers having small cracks in their car windshield. They are reluctant to drive to a workshop for a small chip repair. They often visit a windshield replacement company after the crack expands, and they feel visibility issues while driving.

The most common myth about a chip or crack is that it doesn’t expand soon, and we have time for a repair. In some cases, the customer says they feel that even if the crack expands a bit, it can be repaired.

But any crack which is larger than a rupee coin is not repairable. So, it is always wise to visit a windscreen repair shop as soon as possible.

Stickers can stop a crack from expanding

This is another myth that a sticker can stop a crack or chip from expanding. We are into car glass repair and replacement business since 2011 and can tell you that there is no such sticker available that can hold your windshield crack.

The glass is an amorphous solid, and crack can expand in any direction. Crack expands mainly due to stress. That can be due to extreme change in temperature or may be due to external force. The only thing that a sticker can do is, it can hide the crack so that your car windscreen looks nice.

A Repaired windshield is compromised

Some car owners think that a new windshield is safe than a repaired one. But it’s not true. If an expert repairs your windshield chip, the strength of the windshield is the same as the new one. The chemical or the resin used to repair a crack have the same properties as of the glass. Once it is treated as per the procedure, it has similar mechanical and optical features as the glass have. So repairing a chip or crack doesn’t compromise with the strength of the windscreen.

All companies are the same

You may have got your car windshield replacement at different workshops or even dealerships. But all these workshops are not the same as far as the standard of service and products are concerned. Even not all car replacement companies do windshield chip repair. Dealerships have no repair option for the front windscreen.

Car windshield repair is a specialized job, and only a few companies or workshops have tools and expertise to repair. Auto Glass Masters has a repair first policy, and we don’t advise you to go for a replacement if the chip or crack is repairable.

All chips and cracks are the same

You may have heard that a chip is a chip. But that’s not entirely true. There are different types of stone chip impacts on a windshield and all the chips are not even repairable. You should visit a car glass repair shop to know more about the types of crack that are repairable. Only cracks or chips smaller than a rupee coin can be repaired safely. Also, a chip or crack in front of the driver or close to an edge can’t be repaired due to safety concerns.

A windshield chip can be repaired at home

You may opt for a doorstep service as many car glass repair companies do offer such services. But repairing a chip or crack by yourself is not a good idea. Yes, there are many DIY windscreen repair kits available online. But it’s not about the kit. It’s mainly due to the expertise and skill required to repair a crack. Also, it is essential to know which crack is safe to repair. An expert repairer has the technical know-how and knows when not to repair a crack and go for a replacement. An expert knows the areas where repairing a minor crack can be dangerous, like directly in front of the driver. So, you should avoid using a DIY kit.

Windscreen crack repair is not only about to save money or time, but it is about to keep you safe.

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