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Refitting a leaked windshield

Car windshield refitting inquires are increasing day by day. Our customer care center receives many such calls every day. There are 2 prominent reasons why your car windshield may need refitting.

  1. If your car windshield molding/trim is damaged
  2. If there is water seepage through car windshield inside the cabin

Changing Windshield Molding/Trim

A car windshield molding can be damaged due to natural were and tear. Moldings are used to give firmness to the windshield while you are driving even at damaged roads. A damaged molding can also cause rattling sound in the car windshield. If damaged molding becomes lose it can cause damage to the windshield. So, it is necessary that you go to a windshield replacement center and get the windshield refitted with new molding.

Water Seepage through the windshield

A car windshield is sealed with its frame by the adhesive, mainly polyurethane. If adhesive is not applied correctly by the technician, it may have some gaps or holes. Such holes or gaps can cause water seepage inside the car cabin in the rain or during a wash.
If there is a water seepage inside the cabin through the windshield, we first need to locate where the issue is? For this, we use a soap water test to find the actual leakage point. Once we find the leaking spot, we determine if it can be filled without removing the whole windshield.
If the leakage is small, we try to fill it with polyurethane from inside the cabin. But, if there is a significant gap in the urethane layer, it may need to remove the windscreen and then refit again.

The most prominent reason for windshield refitting is a poor car windshield installation, which results in water and air seepage in the cabin.

Three critical factors ensure that your car windshield will be properly installed and it will not leak.

  1. Use a genuine car windshield brand
  2. Use genuine windshield adhesive
  3. Go to a trusted car glass replacement company

Car windshield brands

There are many car windshield brands available in the market. But, the quality of these brands is different, so as their price. Every time a customer calls us for a car windshield replacement, we advise them to use OE quality products and not to compromise with quality for a few bucks. Still, we found many of them preferring aftermarket products to save total cost. 

Aftermarket windshield may not have a proper fitting and can cause leakage or noise issues in the cabin. Some OEM brands are – Saint Gobain Sekurit, Guardian, Pilkington, Carlex, AGC Automotive, Fuyao, etc.

Windshield Adhesive

The most crucial component in car windshield replacement is the adhesive or polyurethane. We always recommend a Genuine or OE approved sealant. It binds the car windshield with its frame. So, never compromise with its quality. If you use a low-quality adhesive, it may not hold your windshield correctly. It can cause water seepage during rain or washing. Windshield supports the airbag in case of an accident, and if your windshield has weak bonding strength, it can be fatal as airbags will not work correctly without support. 

OEM car windshield adhesives brands – Sika, 3M, Dow, Henkel, Saint Gobain, etc.

Car windshield replacement company

Even if you use genuine items, you can’t guarantee quality replacement until you chose a good windshield replacement company. It is a significant factor as the technician who will replace your car glass, his training and experience count a lot. Any technician who is properly trained to replace car windshield for different car models and who have experience in dealing with the sensors and attachments, your car windshield has, can make a difference in a proper and a faulty replacement. Though the cost of labor in a reputed service center may be high than a shop near to your location, it is worthy.

In most of the cases where a car windshield leakage is reported, the most common factor is the local workshop. Such a service center doesn’t have adequate tools and expertise to do the job and hence charge very less compared to an expert service center. But, ultimately, if your car windshield replacement is not correct and you need a refit, it will cost you double.

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