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Things to Know about Car Care in Monsoon

Most of the car accidents that occur are due to negligence and improper maintenance of cars. Monsoon is such season which witnesses most accidents in India. To keep yourself safe you should take care of your car. Get your car inspection by professionals to avoid any mishap. Monsoon can cause poor visibility, slippery road surface, more potholes develop on roads in a rainy season, water logging on roads, chances of water or mud sticking to car’s underbody causing corrosion, loss in braking effectiveness, etc. You should devote some time to reading some car care maintenance tips. Here are some checkpoints for Car Care in Monsoon.


Car Care in Monsoon – Checklist

First of all, you must understand that your car needs a thorough check-up in the Monsoon Season. Some points to take care are:

  1. Don’t have your car parked outside in rainy season. It may cause water staggering on cars body. It may lead to rusting.
  2. Moisture can be dangerous for the car body. You should use some any rusting for your car body,  underbody, engine bay, and leaf springs.
  3. If you spot rust, use a rust-removal powder that is easily available at any accessory shop.

Car parts Care – Checklist

  1. Wiper Blades: Your Car blades get hard in dry weather. Oil and dust cause damage to blades rubber. In rainy season you may want to use them. But it is necessary to get new blades. Old wiper blades can cause damage to your windshield. It may get scratches and hence can affect windshield visibility in rains.
  2. Windshield: You must check your car windshield thoroughly for any kind of damage that may give way for rainwater to seep in. Any damage to windshield can also affect ADAS sensors attached to your windshield like Rain and Light Sensor which activates wipers and headlights in case automatically. It can be dangerous on a rainy day. If your car windshield has any visibility issue due to scratches or any other strains, get it replaced. If you have any spot or damage in your car windshield. Go for a windshield repair.
  3. Car Tyres: Your Car safety depends very much on the condition of its tyres. First and foremost your car tyres must have sufficient tread depth. Normally it should be 3-5 mm deep. In rainy season car may get a slip on a smooth surface if tyres don’t have proper tread depth. You should get your tyres check by professionals for any type of damage.
  4. Mudflaps: Mudflaps don’t come into action on a normal day. But on a rainy day, it helps to keep you and others safe on road. It is very important that your car has all mudflaps in good condition and don’t leave behind dirt and mud. It can be dangerous for the car driving behind you as it can screen its vision through the mud.
  5. Brake: Brakes are most important part of your car safety system. On a rainy season due to low visibility and heavy traffic jams, you may have to apply brakes more frequently. Also, there are times when you need to apply brakes instantly. It needs great care on your part to have good brakes at all times to avoid an accident.
  6. Engine and Battery: In the rainy season, sometimes the car gets too cold to start in morning and you need to try more than once to get it started. It is very necessary to get your car engine check for oil and battery to avoid any such condition. If your car is parked for a long time in the rain and it has an old battery, it may not start. To avoid such a condition it is wise to get your battery check in Monsoon.
  7. Air Conditioner: Car fogging in rainy season is a normal sight. Not everyone is aware of how to defog car windshield in rains and winter. You must get your AC checked to help your windshield defog as any kind of visibility issue can be fatal in rains.
  8. Lights: Wet roads absorb more light than dry. In rainy season you must check your car’s headlights. Its necessary to have proper light illumination on a rainy day.

Driving Tips for Monsoon

  • Avoid flooded roads, if you have to go slow.
  • If your car gets flooded, don’t try to get it start. Instead get an expert to check it. It can damage your car engine, electricals, brakes or transmission.
  • If you find your car suddenly submerged, unlock the doors and open the windows immediately.
  • While passing through a water-logged zone, drive slowly and rev the engine to keep water from entering the tail-pipe.
  • Never forget that cornering a car depends on the grip of its tyres and the grip is diminished on slippery roads. Approach corners slowly and stay upright instead of leaning into the corner.
  •  Stay off the roads if authorities issue such an advisory.
  • Must follow car manufactures guide for car care in monsoon or rainy season.

Auto Glass Masters advice 

Finally, as you can’t control Monsoon nor can avoid going out. There are some must-have things you must carry in your car. You should have a rope for any emergency situation to pull your car. A flashlight is very helpful to guide you in rain and at night. Most noteworthy is to have a medical kit.

You must have remembered the massive traffic jam in Gurugram in 2016 due to heavy rains. You should have some food and water with you to tackle such a situation. In addition, you may require your phone more than any thing on a rainy day, keep your mobile car charger with you.

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