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Types of crack on Windshield

Getting behind the wheel of a car is a challenging endeavor. Your windshield is getting minor dings, marks, and cracks. However, glass is always breakable, and it breaks as well in extreme situations. So let’s concentrate on windshield cracks, which are a big worry.

When it hits the windshield, the location of the object often determines the sort of crack generated by the collision. A floater crack, for example, can begin anywhere away from the windshield’s edge. These might start small and then grow in any direction. An edge crack is a ten to twelve-inch-long damage that occurs at the time of impact. These fractures start within two inches of the windshield edge or reach the edge, as the name implies.

Let’s have a look at the different types of cracks first:

Crack like Half Moon:

A half-moon crack is comparable to a bull’s eye crack in appearance. The difference is that, unlike a bull’s eye, the half-moon crack is not spherical. This kind of damage was inflicted by a blunt object. Because it is not in a circle, the half-moon crack is easier to mend. It’s simple to clean up and repair. Other sorts of cracks are more difficult to work with because they are circular, so you should be prepared.

Star Break Crack:

A sequence of short cracks radiates from the central point of the star break, causing damage. The crack resembles a star and can be mistaken for a different chip or crack, especially for someone who isn’t familiar with windscreen repair. When a car’s windshield is impacted by debris or another object, a star crack typically begins as a minor crack. This might eventually spread to the entire windshield glass.

Floating Cracked:

This unique crack is named for the fact that it always occurs away from the windshield’s edge. A floater crack can be seen in the windshield center or at least two inches away from the edge. Because this type of damage covers most of the cracked windshield, it usually comes in various lengths. Floater cracks tend to spread quickly, necessitating immediate care. Before prescribing a repair or replacement, a specialist will measure the crack’s width and depth. A competent technician can also efficiently treat a minor floater crack if it is not in the driver’s line of sight.

Crack Due to Stress:

This crack is an interior crack that you can’t feel when you move your fingers over. It’s necessary to use a ballpoint pen to diagnose it—fun fact: A stress crack is caused by a fast change in temperature rather than an impact. A vehicle covered in the snow, for example, should be cleaned with cold water. When hot water is spilled, the temperature rises, causing a stress crack.

Crack by Combination:

A combo crack occurs when a car’s windshield has both a star break and a bull’s eye. Shots like these are tough to repair. A combo crack is a sort of crack that appears on your car’s windshield. When rock chips hit the automobile window, this can happen. The top and bottom of a car’s windshield are separate. A combination crack occurs when a crack appears on both parts. It has a lot of power. It should be done by someone who knows how to repair this type of crack. They must know how to conduct good work or risk exacerbating the situation by failing to do so.

If the damage is minor enough, you can use regular cyanoacrylate adhesive, which is commonly available as Super Glue, instead of purchasing a repair kit. Apply the adhesive evenly to the split or scratch and distribute it evenly. The adhesive will keep the two sides of the fracture together, preventing the crack from spreading.

As a DIY solution, use nail polish:

Only a few car owners have mentioned their success with transparent acrylic nail polish. Dust and filth should be wiped out of the crack. Apply a thick coat of nail paint to the inside and outside of the break and the parts where the split will form. This will help keep the glass together until you visit a service center. But keep in mind that nail polish and Super Glue work just well for quick fixes. You must still have your vehicle’s windshield checked by a qualified auto repair, or the damage will spread.


The windshield is an essential portion of the vehicle that develops even a minor crack. In that case, it is best not to ignore the issue. Take immediate remedial action to prevent the scar or crack from spreading and growing larger. If the small attachment is sufficient to maintain the windscreen’s durability, go ahead and do it. However, if the crack in the windshield is more than a specific size, you should replace the front windshield glass as soon as possible.

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