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Why does my car windshield crack without a reason?

Often car windshield got damaged or cracked due to stone or debris while driving. You need to get a replacement or repair based on the type of crack, but you know why you are paying and what causes the windshield crack?

But sometimes, there can a peculiar case that you parked your car with an intact windshield and when you come back, you found it broken. You try to find the reason, but there are no visible marks of anything hitting the windshield.

windshield crack due to stress

Sometimes even when you got a new windshield replaced, it got broken without even driving the car or within 2-3 days. Industry experts say that the breakage of the windshield has no warranty. So, you wonder what went wrong?

Let’s check different reasons for such a situation where a car windshield got crack without any visible sign of hitting with an external force. As per experts, there can be different environmental factors that can cause such cracks, where the source of a crack is not easy to trace.

Temperature effect on windshield

Ambient temperature is the most prominent reason that can cause a car windshield crack. If there is an extreme change in the temperature of the car windshield in a relatively short time it can cause thermal stress in the glass and hence can cause a crack.

Like, in the summer in north India it’s the main reason for windshield breakage. The temperature can rise to 44°C and if in such a situation you use cold water or ac directed to the windshield, it can cause a crack in windscreen. Similarly, in some places like in Europe where the temperature drops to -40°C if someone uses warm water to clear ice from the windscreen. The stress due to sudden temperature change can cause a crack in the windshield.

Pressure effect on Windshield Crack

As is the case with the temperature, a sudden change in pressure can also cause stress on the parts of the windshield which can crack. This can because due to strong wind or maybe by a sudden blast near your car. The shock waves can develop stress that will be enough to damage a windshield.

Effect of Sun

Sun is the main cause of thermal stress and can cause rapid temperature variation which can crack your car windscreen.

Imperfections in Windshield

Sometimes during manufacturing, some imperfections got developed in the windshield due to uneven cooling in the manufacturing process. If such an imperfection got developed near the edges, it can make the windshield vulnerable to cracks during high-speed driving or even due to a sudden jerk.

For all the above reasons, the damage in the windshield will not have any visible impact. So, it is not possible to verify the exact reason for the crack.

Precaution to avoid stress cracks

You need to be conscious to avoid stress cracks developed due to temperature or Sun. In summers especially, don’t close the side window glass completely as it can cause pressure difference inside the car cabin and ambient. This can cause stress at the windshield and other glasses.  

Is there any remedy if my windshield cracks due to any above reason?

I am afraid, that the cause of the above cracks is not due to workmanship or manufacturing defects. There will be no warranty against such cracks. Even in the case of imperfections, it’s not easy to establish and hence no manufacturer gives replacement in cases where windshield got crack without any reason.

Warranty of windshield is limited to only defects related to visibility issues or any kind of imperfection that can be checked visibly, like a wave on the surface.

Crack in the windshield can also be due to improper installation. Check here the signs to identify if your car installation is faulty.

What is the way forward?

You can opt for an insurance claim if you have got any kind of crack in the windshield and there is no visible sign of damage. All kinds of cracks/damages are covered by the insurance company. You can call +91-9278783578 for more details regarding insurance claims for the windshield.

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