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Windshield Installation Technique

Introduction : We have touched about importance of windshield in your car as well as difference in OEM and After market Windshields. Today we will try to share more in depth view of broken windshield installation procedure. Being a safety feature of your car, it is necessary to understand the procedure that your windshield replacement company should follow.

Standard Procedure Auto Glass Masters service centers follow:

  1. Protecting your car interiors : We use specialized covers designed to protect your car interior parts which our technicians work on your windshield. It is highly recommended to cover dashboard and other parts to avoid scratched due to broken glass pieces that may scatter during removing broken windshield.
  2. Removing your car wiper blades : We use specialized tools to remove your wiper blades. Some time blades get rusted and hence require skill as well as patience to avoid undue damage to other car parts.
  3. Removing Old Windshield : Now as your interiors are covered and wipers removed. We are ready to remove your old windshield. Here it is important to note that its a skillful task and need proper training to use tools. Technicians at Auto Glass Masters take great care to avoid any damage to your cars body paint. It is also important to get old windshield disposed off well to protect environment hazards.
  4. New Windshield Selection : We advice all our customers to go for only OEM windshields which are recommended by your car manufacturer. You can check the difference between a Genuine and Aftermarket part. Though money does matter but its always wise to go for a Genuine part.
  5. Apply Primer and Adhesive : Once you chose your new windshield we apply a primer to your car body to protect it from rusting and using a gun we apply OEM approved Adhesive to the car body. To prevent it from drying technicians need to work fast but keeping safety standards. Windshield Installation
  6. New Windshield Installation: Our Technicians use specialized vacuum pumps during installation of new windshield to keep the windshield at proper place and without damaging it. Once placed correctly it is pressed gently and excess adhesive is wiped clean and wipers are fitted again.
  7. Once the Installation is complete. It needs adequate time for the sealent to dry before you can drive your car again.

Conclusion : Replacing a broken or old windshield is a precise work that need expertise and specialized tools. We recommend you to visit your nearest Auto Glass Masters Service center for further advice or call us at 9278783578. We also offer home service facility and cashless insurance claims for windshield replacement. All windshield installation have standard workmanship and quality warranty as per our warranty policy.

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