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Do my Windshield Rain Sensor need replacement ?

What does a Windshield Rain Sensor do ?

Windshield Rain Sensor support field of vision of driver and try to keep it clean while there is rain. It helps driver by automatic rain detection and wiper control. Which ultimately lower drivers load and avoid distraction. Rain Sensor helps to keep your car safe in rain so as the other cars on the road.

Do My Car Windshield Have a Rain Sensor ?

Typically not all cars have a rain sensor. Only certain car segments offer it. You can easily find out simply looking the white transparent / blue mark on your windshield at rear view mirror position. For some models there is a combo Rain-Light Sensor mounted beneath Rear View Mirror in a special bracket.


How Does a Rain Sensor Works ?

A Windshield Rain Sensor works on the principle of total internal reflection. A windshield rain sensor typically have a photo diode which helps to keep track on the amount of light reflected through outer windshield layer back to it. As there are droplets or rain drops on the windshield, amount of light reflected back to it decrease and hence photo diode detect this decrease in light intensity. Which helps it to automatically start the windshield wipers. Most Cars with Rain Sensor have AUTO feature on Wiper Stalk.

Do my windshield rain sensor need replacement ?

Most of the time though your windshield got broken, your rain sensor is ok. Before you decide to change your windshield Rain Sensor you should consult your windshield replacement center or call Auto Glass Masters to know more about windshield replacement faqs. If your windshield got hit directly at the Rain Sensor, you should get it replaced. You should also inspect the condition of Rain Sensor wire. If it is deteriorated you should consider replacing it. But in most of the minor cracks in Windshield, Rain Sensor remains intact and doesn’t  require any replacement.

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