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7 factors that affect windshield replacement cost

How much does it cost to replace a windshield?

Every time your car windshield got some kind of crack this is the first question that comes to our mind. But is it the only question you should ask or there is something more. The cost of replacing a new windshield depends on many factors like your car model, year, glass brand, adhesive brand, choice of the service provider, type of service, insurance cover, etc.

Let us give you an overview of a car windscreen replacement step by step and the thing that decides your car windshield replacement cost.

Windshield Installation
  • Where should I go for windshield replacement?
  • Should you visit the workshop or prefer a home service?
  • Which kind of windshield should you choose for replacement?
  • What kind of automotive sealant is used in the workshop?
  • Do they have cashless tie-ups with your insurance company?
  • How much time will it take to replace the broken windshield?
  • Warranty policy for product and service?

Now let’s check how we can sort out these issues and what could be the best options available for you.

1. Where should I go for windshield replacement?

To start with, you can choose your regular service center for replacement. But not all service center prefers to replace a car windshield. Being a fragile material, car service centers don’t prefer to stock these windscreens. Windscreens also need more space for storage compared to other car spare parts. The availability of car windscreen at a service center needs to be checked before you go there.

Secondly, your car service centers are generic as far as skills are concerned. Mostly do mechanical jobs like overhauling, engine issues, brake pad, etc as these are regular services required while the frequency of car glass replacement is very low. So they don’t have specialized technicians for windscreen replacement. You should check for a specialized car glass replacement company instead.

Today car windscreens have many security features and systems attached to them like a Rain sensor, Light sensor, Lane-departure sensor, Heating elements, etc. So you need a car glass expert to handle it. Though the cost of proper windshield installation may be a bit higher, it worth it.

2. Should you visit the workshop or prefer a home service?

Now that you have opted for the service provider after considering the pros and cons of a car service center and a professional windshield company. You can think of either visiting there or asking for a doorstep service, your decision affects your total cost of windshield replacement. As some workshop charges you for doorstep service.

You need to visit the workshop if,

  • Your car windshield has multiple sensors that need calibration after windshield replacement.
  • You want an insurance claim and there is a need for a survey by the insurance company.
  • Multiple damages in the vehicle, not related to glass only.
  • Your cars tempered glass is broken and scattered in the car, to clean the car thoroughly you should visit the workshop.

You can also opt for doorstep service if,

  • Only your car windshield is damaged, and there is no other damage.
  • Your car windshield is damaged so much that you can’t drive to the workshop.
  • In case of any other emergency where you are unable to drive the car to the workshop.

3. Which kind of windshield should you choose for replacement?

The next choice will be the windshield brand you should choose for your windshield. This is the most crucial factor that determines your overall cost of windshield replacement. There are many options – AIS, Saint Gobain, Pilkington, Guardian, Carlex, etc. We suggest you should not compromise with windscreen quality to save some money.

You have basically 2 options OEM windshield and Aftermarket windshield.

OEM windshields are the windshields that your car manufacturers recommend. These windshields strictly follow the same specification as the glass supplied with the new car or we should say these are identical to your original car windshield. AIS and Saint Gobain Sekurit are the two OEM car windshield manufacturers for Indian cars.

Ideally, the cost of an OEM windscreen replacement for Indian cars varies from ₹ 3200 – ₹ 22000.

All other brand windscreens which can be a substitute to your original car windshield are called Aftermarket windshield. These windshields are not identical to the genuine part but follow all industry standards and are in general a copy of the genuine part. Car manufacturers and Authorized Dealers don’t recommend the use of aftermarket windshield.

The price for replacing an aftermarket windshield will be about 20% – 30% lower compared to the genuine part.

Read more about why you should choose genuine OEM windshield over Aftermarket parts here.

4. What kind of automotive sealant is used in the workshop?

The automotive sealant used during windshield replacement is the key for correct and safe installation. You should always opt for an OE sealant kit for car glass installation. We use genuine PU adhesives during installation. All our service centers use Betaseal, Sikka, Norton, or Auto-Siegel for installation. The Cost of windshield replacement also depends on the type of adhesive. Some customers neglect this part to save a few bucks without realizing the fact that an ordinary sealant can cause rusting to the car body and can damage a car’s structural strength.


Adhesives keep your windscreen attached to the car body if you chose an unbranded adhesives strength of the bond that will be compromised. In case of an accident, it can prove fatal. Branded adhesives are tested as per industry standards for the strength, temperature range, etc. Unbranded adhesives may or may not follow these standards.

Ideally, price for a genuine windshield adhesive kit ranges between ₹ 350 – ₹ 1450. So you should not compromise with the quality of windshield adhesive.

5. Do they have cashless tie-ups with your insurance company?

Replacing a new windshield is expensive if you opt for genuine brands of windshield and adhesive plus you opt for a quality workshop. Windshield replacement cost maybe somewhere between ₹ 4200 – ₹ 16500 for Indian cars. For European brands, it can be well within the range of ₹ 22500 – ₹ 150000.

You can save this money if you have a comprehensive insurance cover. Your car insurance policy should cover all types of charges incurred for a new car windshield. Before going for a replacement, you should check that your service center should have a cashless insurance tie-up with your company for a hassle-free experience. We have cashless tie-ups with all major motor claim companies, so you can call us any time and our center team will assist you.

While opting for an insurance claim you must remember that your policy has a clause for No Claim Bonus. Once you opt for a claim it will be zero and hence in the next renewal, you may need to pay for a higher premium. You should ask your workshop how much is the difference between a cash job and the NCB your insurance company is offering. If NCB is higher than the job price, you should go for a cash job. For small and mid-segment cars its always preferred to pay from your pocket if the total cost is less than ₹ 5000.

If you want an insurance claim, you should carry the following documents with you:

  1. Registration Copy
  2. Driving Licence
  3. Pan card Copy
  4. Insurance Policy

For commercial vehicles, Here is the checklist of documents required for claims.

6. How much time will it take to replace the broken windshield?

Generally, 1 hour is sufficient to replace a broken windshield glass. But it depends upon the car model, If you own a premium car that has additional sensors attached to the windshield, it will require additional time. As car windscreen sensors need calibration after each windshield replacement. Typically, calibration can take up to 2 hours.

Also, if you want to use your insurance to cover the cost of replacing the windshield, the average turn around time at Auto Glass Masters is 4 hours. You just need to provide all the necessary documents and our team will do all the formalities on your behalf.

If you decide to pay out yourself for windscreen replacement you should know that the average turn around time will be at least 2 days.

Claims settlement time under insurance also depends upon the insurance company and its methodology.

7. Warranty policy for product and Service?

Now once you have chosen the workshop and decided on the products you want to use as a replacement. You should also consider the warranty policy of the workshop.

As standard, we offer a 1-year warranty for all products and services. For more details please go through our warranty policy.

Product warranty is for manufacturing defects that include any visibility issues arise due to any manufacturing defects, subjected to the approval by an authorized person from the windshield manufacturer. There is no warranty against breakage of the windshield, under any circumstances.

Regarding, our workmanship we offer a warranty for any kind of water leakage for 1-year.

Conclusion : By now, you may have realized that the price of windscreen replacement not only depends upon the cost of a new windshield but other factors also. Yet windshield price is a big factor. You should check the cost of the genuine windscreen from different windshield installers. We offer the best discounts on genuine windscreen.

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