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Windshield Replacement under Insurance

Before going in details of insurance claims for windshield replacement, let me tell you most Indian insurance companies cover windshield damage and you can claim your windshield cracks.

Now come to specifics, the reason why we are writing on this topic is that a customer called at our customer care yesterday to know the windshield replacement cost for his Maruti Swift. And we were astonished to know that he was not aware of the fact that his windshield damage is covered under an insurance claim. Though he owns his car for the last 2 years.

As we have cleared in the very beginning that windshield damaged is covered by most insurance companies. let’s check other facts regarding windshield replacement under insurance.

Does my insurance policy covers complete windshield damage cost?

The extent to which your insurance company covers the windshield damage cost depends upon the type of insurance policy. If you have a comprehensive insurance policy than all types of charges like windshield cost, adhesive cost, labor charges and any kind of consumables that may need to be replaced with the new windscreen will be paid by the insurance company. Only you need to pay the compulsory clause. But if you don’t have a comprehensive cover, you need to pay the deductibles.

How much you need to pay out of your pocket?

Now, as we have explained what is covered under insurance. The amount you need to pay for comprehensive cover is ₹1000 for cars below 1500cc engine and ₹2000 for above 1500cc.

For the non-comprehensive cover, the compulsory clause will be the same additionally you need to pay a 50% depreciation cost for adhesives and consumables. That will be roughly ₹371 where 1 PU sealant is used and ₹742 if 2 PU sealant is used.

Why there is an additional cost when an insurance company pays completely for the windshield?

Irrespective of your policy cover type, the cost of new car windshield and labor charges are covered 100%. But if you don’t have a comprehensive cover, you need to pay the deductibles. i.e. depreciation cost for rubber parts or consumables and depreciation cost for the adhesive along with the compulsory clause. Also, if you have opted for any voluntary clause that will also be deducted from the overall payment made by the insurer.

Will I lose my No Claim Bonus after windshield claim?

Yes, you will. Windshield replacement claim is considered as a normal damage claim in India by most companies and hence if you claim a loss, your No Claim Bonus becomes zero.

Does my windshield claim affect insurance premiums?

If you claim your new windshield through insurance it does not increase your premium renewal cost unless you are a defaulter. Means company feels that you have claimed repetitively and most of the times accident is caused by you.

But in monetary terms, your total premium payout will increase in the next renewal. Its because you will lose the discount you have for any claim-free year. Now, it can be substantive based on how many such claim-free years are there. To give you a more clear idea

No. of Claim-free YrsDiscount on premium
750% ( maximum)

Should I need to contact my Insurance Agent before claiming windshield damage?

Yes, you can contact your agent if you have any confusion. But, to claim windshield damage there is no need. As most of the windshield replacement companies have tie-ups with insurance companies and knows how to process the claim. Your workshop can guide you through the process. At Auto Glass Masters, we do all the paperwork of our own so that you will have a hassle-free experience.

Please go through the list of papers required to claim windshield damage under insurance here.

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