Volkswagen Phaeton Windshield


Book online for Genuine Volkswagen windshield for your Volkswagen Phaeton. Prices are inclusive of product and fitment charges (VW Genuine Windshield + PU Sealant + Installation Charges + 18% GST).


Volkswagen Phaeton Windshield

Buy Volkswagen Phaeton Windshield for replacement of your broken windscreen. A genuine windshield that fits perfectly with your Volkswagen with assured quality and workmanship at our service centers or at a place of your choice (Home Service) in Delhi and Gurugram.

Phaeton Windshield Specifications

  1. Model: Volkswagen Phaeton
  2. Model YeaType:2-
  3. Body Type: 4 Door Sedan Glass
  4. Brand: Saint-Gobain Sekurit / Fuyao
  5. Type of Glass: Laminated Windshield
  6. Glass Colour: Green Tinted
  7. Hardware: Light and Rain Sensor


All products have a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects and workmanship.


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